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1st Choice Foundation Repair - Your number 1 choice for Foundation Repair in Dallas, Texas (TX)!

Our Pledge to you as a Dallas foundation repair customer.

  • To provide you with many, many references.

  • To back our work with a Lifetime, Transferable Warranty.

  • To provide you with the most fair and competitive pricing in the industry.

  • To fix your property correctly the 1st time.

  • To treat your home as if it were our own.

  • Remember, over 50% of our business comes from the referral of one of our past clients.

Services Offered by 1st Choice Foundation Repair, Dallas, TX

  • Foundation Repair

  • Slab Foundation Repair

  • Pier and beam foundation repair

  • Steel and concrete piers

  • Lifetime, Transferable Warranty

  • FREE plumbing tests

  • House Leveling

  • Independent Structural Engineers

  • Horizontal Cracks

  • Vertical Cracks

  • Concrete Repair

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Frequently Asked Foundation Repair Questions

1. What is the best foundation repair system?

In the majority of Dallas foundation repairs, Pressed, concrete piers provide the best combination of quality and price. When properly installed, Concrete piers will provide a lifetime solution to your problem at a reasonable cost.

2. How long can I put off fixing the foundation?

Once a foundation begins to fail, it requires immediate attention. The amount of collateral damage, i.e. cosmetic painting, plumbing, framing that the house experiences is directly related to the amount of time the foundation is allowed to go un-repaired.

3. Will this affect my ability to sell my house?

Honestly, this is a matter of opinion. However, our experience has found a couple of major issues that should make you feel better, such as:
• If one house in the neighborhood needs repair, chance are that many houses in the neighborhood need repair. So, if you were going to purchase a house in your neighborhood, which would you rather buy? I, personally, would rather buy the house that has had the foundation repaired and that comes with a LIFETIME, TRANSFERABLE WARRANTY, so that I know I never have to worry about it….. use the repair as a selling point of your home.
• Most homes in Dallas will eventually need repair work done, especially if they are in certain locations of expansive clay soil.

4. What will happen to my plants during the repair?

1st Choice Foundation Repair will treat your home as if it were our own. We will first of all recommend a repair strategy that minimizes the removal of beautiful plants and shrubs that you have spent so much time growing. Those areas that can’t be avoided will be treated with the utmost care. We will do our best to replant the items exactly where we found them and handle them delicately to improve their chance for survival. Remember, most repairs only take 1-2 days, so the survival rate of vegetation is actually quite high.

5. How inconvenient will this be for me while you are working?

We certainly want to keep any inconvenience to a minimum. We finish most repairs the same day. Our crews will respect the cleanliness of your home both inside and out. In most cases, homeowners remain in the house during the foundation repair and don’t find it anymore convenient than when someone comes to do any other work around the house.

6. How do I know I’m getting a good or even fair deal on the foundation repair work?

There is no short answer to this, but please allow us to make some suggestions:

  • Get multiple bids, at least 3. It Keeps the honest people honest and gets rid of the crooks!

  • Make sure you thoroughly understand the foundation repair process and know what to expect after the repair.

  • Check references… at least 5.

  • Check the foundation repair company out with the Better Business Bureau.

  • Don’t make your decision based solely on price. This is never a wise move.


7. Why do some foundation repair companies charge so much more or suggest so many more piers than others?

That is a great question. Probably the best answer is to share with you the best way to avoid “price traps” like these. First, don’t pay premium dollars just because a pro athlete is endorsing the company. They are paid promoters, and you may not even like the team they played for! Second, get multiple bids to protect yourself and allow for more comparison. Finally, if there is a huge difference in the work proposed by foundation repair companies, hire an independent, structural engineer to provide their recommendation. Whatever you do, don’t allow someone to base the price of your foundation repair on the zip code you live in or the car you drive!

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